“Many entrepreneurs, investors, companies or individuals are limited in their ability to monetize their assets or grow the value they already possess whether it is capital, a brand, a company or just an idea.”

– Johan Hamid

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From interviewing Silvester Stallone, meeting with Robert Kiyosaki or managing projects for some of the top European businesses, Johan has a wide array of contacts and networking opportunities that drive his ventures and partners.

Growing an international web of reliable and motivated individuals from all backgrounds and industries

Global Property Investments

Johan has been involved in the property investment business for over 30 years, allowing him to experience and test a wide range of investments strategies and style. In all his ventures, he has shown tremendous returns on investments for him and his partners.

Johan's favored way to rapid returns and rapid growth

Powerful Business Growth

Generating value passes being able to create a profitable organization and product but also the ability to market and promote it worldwide. From creating, managing to selling companies, Johan can improve business dynamics to create more wealth with greater ease, speed.

Johan has experience to help your business reach another level.

Branding and Internet Marketing

Along the way of successfully opening and managing several businesses, Johan Hamid has developed tremendous skills on how to brand oneself and one's company and how to market it online.

The most rapid and efficient way to brand, communicate and market your brand worldwide