"How you FEEL about money,  what you BELIEVE about money and how much you KNOW about handling money will determine how much you MAKE, how much you KEEP and how much you GIVE"
Johan Hamid
Johan Hamid

Are You Tired of Being Tired Yet?

I hope you are, because if you are not, you will not have the motivation to take it to the next level. And this website is then not for you.

Most people do NOT understand that "being stuck" or being on a plateau for weeks, months or years IS PART OF THE PROCESS, because for most of us, it requires serious frustration to make us change. And without the required change, you won't have what is required to get unstucked.

It's not enough to be tired of being broke, frustrated, stuck, or whatever is your issue. You need to be tired of being tired. You need to reach the point where you say


"If you don't know what is the problem, you can't solve it" Henry Ford

Whoever you are, has brought you wherever you are now. And that is it, that person will NOT be able to bring you further, and that is why you feel frustrated. Especially if you have spend time and money in great personal development programs, if you have walked on fire, read books on personal finance, participate in amazing business,  marketing or networking conferences or spend some weeks, or month with monks or amazing guru. Or maybe you have focused way too much or way too little on resolving some issues such as negative beliefs towards money, or wealth. Or maybe you have been practicing meditation for manifestation an hour everyday for weeks or month or years, without great tangible result. Or maybe you have been jumping from one sales training to the next marketing training the next social media training with very mixed results.

I know, I have been there.

Was it useless? Certainly not. This website is here to LEVERAGE and CONNECT your knowledge, experience and beliefs.

So the question then, is WHAT'S THE PROBLEM?

Money Triangle

For 99% of us the issue is that you resolved ONE side of the money triangle, or maybe TWO sides of the triangle but unfortunately that is not enough.

It's NOT that YOU are not enough, it's not that you are stupid, as you might have been told numerous times, it's not that you are lazy; you simply lack some basic knowledge in one area or you have not connected all the dots YET.

This place is about that, providing basic to advance information on the 3 most important Money angles AND helping you to INTEGRATE all your existing knowledge so that you can finally "Manifest".

"When the Student is ready, the Master shows up"

This statements brings two questions: (and which questions came to your mind first tells a lot about you...)


 - I certainly have been one of the world best procrastination Master in the world
 - I certainly have been a fool master of not reading contracts and loosing thousands of $ within seconds of lifting the pen from the paper.
 - I certainly have been a master by trusting people and making deals on handshake with people I should not have event contemplate talking to in the first place.
 - I certainly have been a master of trusting some bankers that ultimately screwed me on major deals, because of their incredible incompetence.
 - I certainly have been a master of stupid by lending money to people who never had any intention to repay back.
 - I certainly have been a master by helping people, who once back on their feet don't even call you.
For all these reasons,  I consider myself a Master of Many Failures and this blog is about sharing decades of business experience. 

So, don't be an ass, be Top Clever: don't learn from your mistakes, learn from mine; much cheaper, I guarantee!


This is where most people fail, before even starting!!!
They think they are not ready, that it is not that important, that it is too good to be true, that there is nothing they can do, that they can wait until tomorrow.

- Sometimes it is procrastination disguised, in "I am not ready"
- Sometimes it is years of hearing "You are Stupid" and you then believe you are not enough.
 - Sometimes, if you are strong on knowledge, it's, I don't know enough.
 - Sometimes it is "Perfectionism" that slow you down or Stop you.
 - Sometimes it is fear of getting into some area of your life that you think a not important.
- Sometimes it is fear of being taken advantage of.
 - Sometimes it is pressure from your environment, friends, family to not change. (much more about that in the blog)

But when you really go deeper into those beliefs that are slowing you or stopping you, you will realise they are just excuses.
Look deep inside, and be honest with yourself.
Spend a few minutes, on this if necessary. Even take your notebook if needed.
THIS is YOUR FIRST Step to change.

Do you really need that brilliant idea to start?
Do you really need that partner to start?
Do you really need the website to start?
Do you really need that million $ to start?
Do you really need .... to Start?

If you look deep enough, you will find the answer.

This post might help you answer the question

I know it can be difficult for some, I have been there many times and sometimes for YEARS.

Being ready is a personal decision that is not based on external factors whatsoever. It is just a personal decision. And that is why I started this page with: "Are you tired of being tired,... because if you are not, this website is not for you."

So if you are ready, keep on reading, if you are not, don't be and ass and send this website to someone that needs it; and all the best to you!