Born from a Malaysian father and a Belgian mother, Johan has always been influenced by both the Western and Eastern mindset but, most of all, by a burning desire to discover the world.

From getting, his bachelor in Belgium and MBA in the US, to being an actor in his youth in Malaysia, an internet marketing consultant in the UK, an international real estate investor and a multiple business owner across Europe, Johan has been able to adapt and take advantage of his environment worldwide.

After his successes in real estate and in developing and marketing businesses, Johan has integrated his experience, knowledge and skills to focus on three areas:

  • - Selected Real Estate Partnerships around the globe, which, with Johan unique model of partnership, is a great way to safely get consistently high returns on capital.

  • - Developing the charity organisation aimed at helping underprivileged children in various countries.

  • - Passing his Holistic Personal Finance, Property, and Trading knowledge via articles and seminars as well as sharing part of his journey with topics such as Mindset and Meditation.

Today, Johan demonstrates and educates business owners and investors on how to leverage their skills by sharing his experience and his unique ability to pick the most profitable, efficient and effective strategies and opportunities.