“It was the moment I realised what music can do to people, how it can make your hurt and feel so good all at once. Nina Lacour

Why a music section in a Personal Finance Educational web site?

Simply because your Personal Finance; the amount of money you make, the amount of money you keep, the amount of money you spend and the amount of money you save is directly linked to your beliefs (mostly about yourself) and your state of mind.
Some of you for exemple (but not you of course) might get some bad news, feel sorry for yourself or feel happy about something, and that for exemple can trigger some shopping urges (but not you of course.) This is just one exemple of the numerous mood triggered action that human can make.

How you feel and how you act is directly linked to what you think, BUT how you feel can also be determined by an external factor (much more on the Mindset and on the Meditation Sections) such as work environment, news and... MUSIC.
I have never been a music fan, and I nearly never listen to music in the car or while I work (except when I write). 

So Why a music section?
Because music is the fastest way to change your mood.
And some of you happened to HAVE moods, sometimes. (Not you of course!)
So, I have created list of songs and music, that can help you manage your states, especially since your state will determine your output (how you behave) and will determine... your results!!!
At this stage, these are mainly music videos links to YouTube, make sure you give me some feedback, so I can adjust accordingly.
If you are an artist and would like to have your music published here, contact me.

Uplifting Music

Need to feel better?
Had a rough day?
Just read some depressing news?

Music to write

These musics will inspire you to download what you have in your head, and had always wanted to write.

Music to Relax

Some times it is time to just sit, relax and enjoy the stillness of the day.

Cosmic Music

Very powerful music that takes you on the edge of the universe.

Johan Hamid
Johan Hamid

I hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to constructively comment the post and ask questions. I do my best to answer. Also feel free to ask for topics you want me to expand on. WARNING: I will NEVER contact you to ask for money, to offer you investment opportunities or to recommend or sell you a product. Don't be a turkey! Act accordingly!

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