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"When the student is ready, the teacher appears"

Personal Finance

"If you don't handle your money, someone else will gladly do it for you; not necessarily with your best interest in mind..."

Johan Hamid

Whether you think money is good, money is evil, or that you are above money, Money will have a direct impact on your standard of living and on your mindset.

And whether you make 100$ or 1.000.000$ a month (yes, there are people making that much) the same principles apply.

Your objective might differ, you might want to increase income, you might want to protect your assets, you might want to know how to be more independant in your relationship, you might want to teach your children good behaviours, you might want to finance some local social projects, or you might just want to understand how money works!

So, if want to learn about Personal Finance, 
THIS is a good place to start.


"Buy land, they are not making making it anymore"

Mark Twain 

Is it the right time to buy property?
Is property a way to make money, even a fortune or is property a waste of time and energy, a way to constantly have issues with tenants, a way to loose it all to the banks?
I cannot tell you if it is the right time to buy property, not only because I am not a financial advisor, but because each country , each region, each town, and each street are different!
Not only that, but each individual is also different! 
This is a type of investment where age and sex is a differenciating factor. So the only way to know for yourself, is to learn and then apply even the most basic principles so that you don't loose your shirt and your mind, like I have done in the past!

So, if want to learn about Property, 
THIS is a good place to start.


"Trading can be the fastest rewarding financial activity in our galaxy, but it can also be the fastest way to lose it all, especially if you do not know what your are doing"

Johan Hamid

Did you know that the New York stock exchange which is is the largest stock exchange in the world, with an equity market capitalization of just over 25.8 trillion U.S. dollars as of June 2022 is only a small fraction of the world biggest trading market? Did you know that there are markets for nearly everything on this planet?

So, if want to learn about Trading & Markets, 
THIS is a good place to start.


"Remember that what you are feeling does not reflect your reality! We cannot always control the thoughts that come into our minds, but we can control the thoughts that we dwell on"

Les Brown

What is mindset, how and why develop it, why it must be maintained, especially in the current environment and how much impact it has on your life. These are the questions I will bring you some answers. Most of my answers come mostly from a lifelong experience, observations of people and learnings from great and sometimes famous teachers.

So, if want to learn about mindset, 
THIS is a good place to start.


“With meditation, you become a sensitized superhero, completely in control, with endless possibilities at your fingertips.” 

Tara Stiles

Whether you are a seasoned meditator, you are just starting, you have no clue what meditation is or you do not see the point of meditation, this section, will help you understand, the relationship between the world that you are observing, yourself, and your mind.
This can be a lifelong journey where you learn everyday more about the universe, yourself and how you fit in.
So, if want to change your world, 
THIS is a good place to start.

Inspirational Music

“It was the moment I realised what music can do to people, how it can make your hurt and feel so good all at once. 

Nina Lacour

Whether you are having a great day, a hellish day, a "once a month" day, or if you need to write a paper, for school, for work, or you want to get in better shape, or you are stuck in the writing of your future bestseller, Music is the FASTEST way to change your state, and your state DEFINES your output, your actions and the way you handle others and the way you appear to others.
So save time and money: control your state!
So, if want to change your State,
THIS is a good place to start.