Henry Ford

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right” Henry Ford

This quote by Henry Ford is a great summary of what is happening in our brain and in our life.

For most humans, life is dictated by their beliefs and by their environment. And of course, beliefs are created by your environment. It starts at home, on the TV, at school, and then it continues to be shaped by your relationship and the working conditions at work.
Beliefs about money or about your ability to achieve something, a task, a job is something that resides entirely in your head.
You might not be responsible for the beliefs that you have, but it is your responsibility to identify beliefs that are preventing you to achieve your full potentiel. (Instead of blaming the world or someone else, or your condition for exemple.)

Beliefs such as Money is Evil, or that you need to have money to become rich, are typically the type of beliefs that will prevent you from having any respect for money, and ultimately will prevent you from having money.

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It's a bit like a car: car can kill but, are cars evil?
Personally money is just a mean of exchanging things. It is also a tool to evaluate value of certain things, even if it does not always evaluate at his true value (what is the true value of the salary of a nurse?) I still use it as it is: an object of measurement.

Johan Hamid
Johan Hamid

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