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Acquiring knowledge can be a difficult task for some people, or, some of you might want to avoid the feeling of having to go back to school at all cost.

This section is actually the easiest even if it might contain a large number of items. I have organised it in various levels, different audiences and different objectives. Feel free to either any of the way it's organised. I simply suggest that you start with Personal Finance 101 if you are a newbie and jump to Personal Finance 102 when you feel confortable.

Do keep in mind that I will be adding content across the board, so you might want to go back once a while to check new content.

Most of the posts are small so that you do not feel intimidated.

I use the concept of MED (Minimum Effective Dose) which I have discovered in one of Tim Ferris book. So you won't find lengthy explanation, long demonstration, lots of blabla going around the bush. I tend to go to the point whenever possible. I DO tend to use stories to make a point and some stories might be a bit longer than a simple post.

I realised that for many, time is an issue, and that is also a reason that my posts are small, quick and to the point.

It took me days to find a system to organises my thoughts; it is not perfect but this is the best I came across until now. Feel free to mention your specific needs so I can  structure the blogs accordingly.

In any case, start by spending a minimum of 15' everyday on this site, and if you do so for 3 months; I GUARANTEE that you will know more about making, managing and investing money than 95% of the bankers on this planet. 

I strongly suggest you take the Free Money Triad Test to find out what area you need to work on most.

WARNInG 1: Times Changes

Most of this content is based on Common Sense that is not so common anymore. Some of the content will go against what some famous Personal Finance "Guru" will advocate. Keep in mind that times have RADICALLY changed in the last couple of Years. So what was good 3 years ago might not work today. A good example of that is Good Debts. Good Debts are still good, but there are other considerations to keep in mind.

WARNInG 2: This works for poor or wealthy people

"I walk with all Men"

What I mean is that this blog is for people or ALL walks of life, meaning that whether you make 100$ per month (like a vast majority on this planet) or if you make 500 000$ a month, like a number of people do, you WILL find some some interesting info that WILL change your understanding of some key matters related to money. Or simply put into words for a concept or a hunch that you've had for years.

If you do not make enough money to have extra by the end of the month, you might want to check not only your income, but your spending habits as well; and YES, there are people that are making (or receiving) 100 000$ a month that can't make ends meet. For those I strongly recommend this post on Type of Relationship with Money.  Actually the more you make money (or receive Money) the more you need to learn how to manage it and how to make it grow. As explained in this important Wealth Post, the skills to make money are different than the skills to manage money and very different than the skills to make your money grow.

WARNInG 3: Beware of your social environment

Your social environment can be your worst enemy and the reason might shock you: They are afraid to loose you. They are afraid that things will not be like before. They might be afraid to be left behind.

After seing mothers discouraging their son to learn about how wealth work, after seing sons discouraging their mother to learn about wealth, after seeing friends "warning" their friends about learning, or warning them not to go to a seminar, or warning them about things being a scam, I have come to the conclusion that THIS is the biggest roadblock that people will encounter in their search for wealth.

Remember, the main issue is that they are afraid to loose you. Act accordingly.

And that is one of the reasons that I find that migrants have a tendency to be more successful in a society, it is not only that they need work hard to find their place in the society, it is also because they have much less disempowering friends, especially of the types, that do not need to work because they receive free money every month and that have a tendency to be very detached to money. (Of course the more you get without having to work for it, the more you will be detached to money, but not always in a good way.)

Johan Hamid
Johan Hamid

I hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to constructively comment the post and ask questions. I do my best to answer. Also feel free to ask for topics you want me to expand on. WARNING: I will NEVER contact you to ask for money, to offer you investment opportunities or to recommend or sell you a product. Don't be a turkey! Act accordingly!

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