Money Triangle

You Have Three Money Masters
Learn How to Tame them
so YOU Become your Money Master

"How you FEEL about money,  what you BELIEVE about money and how much you KNOW about handling money will determine how much you MAKE, how much you KEEP and how much you GIVE".  Johan Hamid

It is as simple as that.
So if you are not happy with your finance you need to work on all of these 3 topics, for faster results: Feelings, Beliefs and Knowledge about money

This is the main reason why this site has various sections that allow you to work on 


These 3 areas are not only covered in the Personal Finance but are also covered in the Mindset and in the Meditation section, feel free to jump from one the other and make sure you take notes in your Personal Finance Notebook.

So take the test, because if you don't know the problem, you can't solve it!

Take the 6' test and find out where is your weakness so you can improve yourself, using the MED (Minimum Effective Dose) so you can achieve your goals faster.


Can you change your Beliefs about Money?

How do you control or change your feelings about Money? 

How do I learn about money?

Johan Hamid
Johan Hamid

I hope you enjoyed the post. Feel free to constructively comment the post and ask questions. I do my best to answer. Also feel free to ask for topics you want me to expand on. WARNING: I will NEVER contact you to ask for money, to offer you investment opportunities or to recommend or sell you a product. Don't be a turkey! Act accordingly!

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